Batizado Time!

Our annual Batizado and Troca de Cordas event is right around the corner.

Mestre André will be here from Miami, and Contra-Mestre Turracha will be flying in from New York, with other guests from all over the country, to support our students as they are promoted to their next cords.

Workshops will take place July 27th and 28th, with the batizado event itself taking place Sunday, July 29th, at 10am sharp. Visitors are welcome for the Sunday event.

Hope to see you there!


Nagô Milwaukee off to Madison

Our Raizes do Brasil Capoeira colleagues in Madison, WI, are hosting their annual batizado event this week-end. In support, we will be making the trek for the Saturday workshop at 10am and batizado event at 1pm. Event details here.

As a result there will be no class at DAYNC Studio this Saturday, June 16th.

Nagô students attending the Madison event should note there is a $50 fee, and that white uniforms are required.


Free Capoeira Week (03/21 & 03/24)


We’re very happy to announce our first Free Capoeira Week!

Join us for Free Capoeira Week at DAYNC Studio, Wednesday, March 21st and Saturday, March 24th! We’ll cover the basics of our exciting Afro-Brazilian martial art and introduce you to a whole new way of moving and playing!
You can come to our 60 minute Wednesday night class, our Saturday morning 75 minute class, or both!

And whether you come to one class or to both, you are also invited to join us, again at DAYNC, for our Roda de Amigos, Saturday (03/24) at 4pm to see capoeira in action!

There’s no charge and no catch. Come as you are, with a positive attitude, and wear comfy clothes you can move in!