About Nago


Mestre Pequinês is the founding master of Grupo Capoeira Nagô. His distinctive style is widely recognized as representing the cutting edge of Capoeira Contemporânea. Based out of Goiania, GO, Brazil, Mestre Pequinês is the head of Capoeira Nagô worldwide.


Mestre Andre Gusmão has been the highest-ranking presence of Capoeira Nagô in the United States since moving to New York in 2001. His newest academy, in Miami, opened in summer 2016. Mestre Andre is known for his explosive, high energy capoeira, and for his all-around athleticism. In addition to his achievements in capoeira, Mestre Andre holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and has been an MMA fighter in the UFC.


Graduado Arrepiado (Daniel Farmer) is the President and lead instructor of Capoeira Nagô Milwaukee. He started his capoeira journey in Paris, France in 2000, and has been teaching with Nagô since 2014.


Photos of Mestre Andre and Graduado Arrepiado by Tiba Vieira.