Readers ask: How To Wash Black Jiu Jitsu Gi?

How do you wash black BJJ Gi?

If you have your own washing machine, washing your black bjj gis is very simple: start the washer with cold water, add the detergent, and then add at least two cups of brewed black coffee per gi (the more the better in my observations, like I said, I use as much as two full pots), and finally add a cup of vinegar.

Can you wash a black gi with a white gi?

Yes! And wash your belt too (just don’t dry it). I hang dry everything then fluff up the gi in the dryer for a few min before I train. They go in the washer with whatever else I happen to throw in.

What temperature do you wash Jiu Jitsu Gi?

Always wash your gi in cold water, 90-100 degrees maximum. If your gi is a little bit too big and you actually want it to shrink a little bit (sleeves), you can wash it at 110-120 degrees, but NEVER over that temperature. Cotton shrinks and our gis are 100% cotton.

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How often should you wash your BJJ gi?

Following these tips will make sure you’re not that person. Ideally you should wash your Jiu Jitsu Gi after every training session, and you definitely should after every session if you work up a heavy sweat. You can make your Gi last a long time and save money in the process by using the proper cleaning techniques.

Can I wash my gi in hot water?

Warm water should be perfect for all gi’s. Hot water will weaken the fabric and you might need to retire it sooner than you’d like. Do hang them after washing and rinsing.

How do you soften a GI?

Soak with Fabric Softener Start by filling a bucket with cold or lukewarm water, but do not use hot water. Next, add about a 1/4 cup of liquid fabric softener and place the fabric or garment inside. Let it soak overnight, and then rinse or wash the fabric.

Can I wash my blue and white gi together?

I wash mine together, as long as the colored gi’s have been washed several times already. just dont do it with newer blue gi’s. Wash them a few times on their own. After a few washes you are good to go.

How do you wash color GI?

BJJ Gi Care

  1. Wash in cold water. Line/hang dry, this will maximize the life of your BJJ kimono and minimize shrinkage.
  3. DO NOT DRY YOUR GI UNDER THE SUN. It will dry out the fibers and reduce the durability of the BJJ Gi.
  4. Coloured products (Blue and Black)
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How do I keep my Jiu Jitsu Gi White?

8 Tips To Save Your White Gi (And Re-Rescue It)

  1. Pre-soak with vinegar.
  2. Baking soda is your best friend.
  3. Lemony fresh.
  4. Give hydrogen peroxide a go.
  5. Say no to chlorine-based bleach.
  6. Bring in the big guns.
  7. Ditch the fabric softener.
  8. Face the sun.

How long does it take for a GI to air dry?

How Long Does It Take For A Gi To Air-dry? The time it takes for your gi to air-dry will depend on the humidity, air circulation and the environmental temperature. In highly humid areas with low temperatures and very little air circulation, your gi can take up to 48 hours or more to dry properly if at all.

Should you iron your GI?

Ironing your BJJ GI If you like to iron your GI before class, then please do but do it on a low iron heat setting and with the GI inside out. Certain types of patches will melt or stick to a hot iron, so it is best to avoid them coming in to contact with the iron.

How do I clean my GI for the first time?

How to wash a BJJ gi

  1. Wash your gi immediately after training.
  2. Always wash your belt.
  3. Scrub stains with running cold water immediately before washing.
  4. Avoid bleach.
  5. Turn your gi inside out before washing.
  6. Wash in cold water on a gentle setting.
  7. If you’re washing your gi with other clothes, only wash with similar colours.

Should I wash BJJ belt?

Yes, You Absolutely Need to Wash Your BJJ Belt.

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How do I get rid of GI funk?

If your gi is super stinky, you can pre-soak it in a vinegar and water solution in your washing machine before washing it. Start with 1 or 2 cups of vinegar per gi and enough water to cover the gi(s). Use trial and error with the amount of vinegar and the time you need to soak it in order to get rid of the smell.

What do you wear under your GI?

What you wear underneath your judo or BJJ gi is up to you. The main thing to consider is comfort. You can wear training shorts or leggings as well as your favorite athletic t-shirt. You can also wear what’s called a rashguard.

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