Readers ask: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Where Is Mount?

What is mount position?

The mount, or mounted position, is a dominant ground grappling position, where one combatant sits on the other combatants torso with the face pointing towards the opponent’s head. This is a favorable position for the top combatant in several ways.

What are the four main positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

There are four common positions in Jiu Jitsu. They are Guard, Side Control, Mount, and Back Mount. It is imperative to focus on these positions in order to make them a superior part of your game.

What is the best position in BJJ?

Rear mount is generally considered the strongest position in BJJ. Also known as “taking the back,” the rear mount is a position in which one’s arms and legs are used to control an opponent’s back.

How many BJJ positions are there?

In general, there are six major positions in BJJ: guard, side control, knee on belly, mount, rear mount and turtle. Each position has its own advantages, and some positions are worth points in a competition, usually ranging between 2 – 4 points.

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