Question: What To Do When You’Re In Guard Jiu Jitsu?

What is the 50 50 guard?

A guard is classed as 50/ 50 once two athletes involved in a grappling match become locked, with their legs intertwined (i.e. competitor A’s right leg around competitor B’s right leg,) thus providing the same set of circumstances for both players, which is the reason behind the “50-50” designation.

What is the best position in BJJ?

Rear mount is generally considered the strongest position in BJJ. Also known as “taking the back,” the rear mount is a position in which one’s arms and legs are used to control an opponent’s back.

Who has the best guard in Jiu Jitsu?

Top Guard Passers in Jiu Jitsu

  • Saulo Ribeiro. The Manaus standout, Saulo Ribeiro made a career squashing guards.
  • Rigan Machado.
  • Rafael Mendes.
  • Márcio Feitosa.
  • Royler Gracie.
  • Rodolfo Vieira.
  • Fernando “Terere” Augusto.
  • Mário Claudio Tallarico.

How can I improve my guard passing?

6 Concepts for Effective Guard-Passing in Jiu Jitsu

  1. Keep Your Centre of Gravity Low.
  2. 2. ‘
  3. Shut the Hips Down.
  4. Isolate a Leg.
  5. Choose ‘Speed’ or ‘Tightness’
  6. Don’t Forget Submissions.

What is a sweep BJJ?

From standing, sweeps are throws or takedowns that primarily use the legs to attack an opponent’s legs. On the ground, sweeps are techniques for reversing a grappling position.

What is open guard?

For the sake of this article we define the Standard Open Guard as a position where your legs are not locked around your opponent’s waist, and at least one foot (but often both) is on your opponent’s hips. Having a foot on the opponent’s hip enables you to control the space between you.

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