Question: Jiu Jitsu What To Do When On Top?

What should I learn first in BJJ?

7 Basic Jiu Jitsu Moves That White Belts Should Learn First

  • 1 Warm-Ups. 1.1 Shrimp. 1.2 Triangle Sit-Ups. 1.3 Guard Retention.
  • 2 Submissions. 2.1 Kimura. 2.2 Triangle Choke.
  • 3 Sweeps. 3.1 Tricep Sweep. 3.2 Pendulum Sweep.

What is the best position in BJJ?

Rear mount is generally considered the strongest position in BJJ. Also known as “taking the back,” the rear mount is a position in which one’s arms and legs are used to control an opponent’s back.

How do you get a mount in BJJ?

Start by switching your hips from side control, so that your hips are facing your partner’s hips. You can then begin to creep your hips up underneath your partner’s armpit, eliminating their strongest escape route. Next, grab your own foot to bring it across your partner’s waist, like a belt.

Which submission can you take from the top mount position?

Now that you have some knowledge of the mount position, let’s examine 5 different submission attacks from the mount you can add to your BJJ arsenal.

  • 1) Americana. Mark Massey.
  • 2) Kimura. Fabricio Amaral.
  • 3) S-Mount Armbar. MMA Leech.
  • 4) Monoplata. Brandon Mccaghren.
  • 5) Arm Triangle. Kurt Osiander Move of the Week.

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