Classes resume June 3rd

We are pleased to announce that capoeira classes at Daync Studio will resume Wednesday, June 3rd. In an effort to fight the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus, we are implementing the following security measures: (1) classes will be capped at 15 participants, (2) classes will be 45 minutes long to allow for cleaning between classes, (3) no payments will be made in person (you must purchase a pass online), (4) students will exit the building through a different door than they enter.

You must purchase a drop-in pass or membership online (here) PRIOR to class.

We recognize that there is still risk involved in any social activity.

Please continue to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently, stay 6 feet away (or more) from others, and exercise good judgment to minimize risk to yourself and others. If you are sick, you must stay home.

In addition to the measures outlined above (which will be practices for ALL classes at Daync), for our capoeira classes specifically, there will be no music practice or singing, and there will be no close partner work.

Thank you for your patience in these interesting times. Train hard, stay safe, and see you soon.

Wednesday classes are canceled

Due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, Capoeira Nagô Milwaukee is canceling Wednesday 8pm classes until further notice.

Saturday 10am classes will continue as regularly scheduled, as we’re better able to control and clean the space before and after class.

You should NOT come to class if you are sick, or if you’ve come into contact with someone who has COVID-19.

While we in many ways feel the cost of making this change, doing what we can to slow the spread of this pandemic in and around Milwaukee will save lives. It is therefore more than worth it.


FREE Capoeira Beginner’s Class (3/7)

Come discover the unique Afro-Brazilian martial art of capoeira!! We’ll cover basic kicks, dodges and movements to get you flowing to the beautiful groove of the berimbau.

Our next Capoeira Beginner’s Class will take place this Saturday, March 7th at 10am @ Daync Studio (910 E Hamilton St., on Milwaukee’s East Side).

The class is FREE! Online pre-registration is required. You can do that here.

Bring a friend, and see you Saturday!


2020 Workshop Series!

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural workshop in our 2020 Workshop Series! Join us as we learn from an extremely talented and thoughtful capoeirista and teacher: Instrutor Palhaço from Omulu Capoeira.

Workshop+Roda w/ Instrutor Palhaço
Sat., Feb. 29th, 4-6pm @ Daync Studio

$20 (cash/check/Venmo) at the door


This is an all levels workshop, but you will get the most out of it if your capoeira fundamentals are already solid, so you should have a few months of capoeira under your belt already.

Uniform requested. All groups welcome.

FREE Capoeira Beginner Class

Have you been wondering how you could get started with capoeira? You’re in luck! Our monthly FREE Capoeira Beginner Class is right around the corner! We’ll see you this Saturday, February 1st, 10am @ Daync Studio.

Come make new friends, and then kick them!

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in and don’t forget to pre-register online!
Pre-registration is required. Go here:

Photo by John Ferrer

News for the New Year

Happy New Year!

We’re happy to announce our new format for beginners: the completely free, once-a-month Capoeira Beginner Class!

Enjoy Milwaukee’s most spacious and welcoming dance studio while you discover the beautiful and unique martial art of capoeira. You’ll make new friends AND get to kick them!

You can find more information on our classes page, or you can go straight to online pre-registration to let us know you plan to attend!

We’re beyond excited to be able to offer this new point of entry for everyone interested in capoeira in 2020! Pre-register by following the link above and see you very soon!


RODA in Chicago Saturday 12/07

There will be no capoeira class in Milwaukee tomorrow, Saturday 12/07. We’ll be headed down to Chicago instead, to participate in Axé Capoeira’s open roda.

Event details here.

Roda starts at 1pm. We recommend leaving by 11am at the latest, due to frequent traffic issues between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Let’s go play!