NO CLASS in MKE Saturday 11/09

There will be NO CLASS in Milwaukee on Saturday, November 9th, since Capoeira Nagô Milwaukee will be in Madison supporting our colleagues at Omulu Capoeira for their yearly Encontro.

Event details here. The schedule is posted below. Hope to see you there!


Friday, 11/8, Location: Kanopy Dance 341 State Street
7-8:15pm: Capoeira Regional Workshop (Arrepiado)
8:15-9pm: Opening Roda

Saturday, 11/9, Location: 7106 South Ave, Middleton
10-11:15am: Capoeira Workshop (Raposa)
11:15am-12:15pm: Maculelê Workshop (Andorinha)
12:15-1:30pm: Lunch Break
1:30-2:45pm: Samba Reggae Dance Workshop (Raposa, Capoeira Vida/Raizes do Brasil)
2:45-3:30pm: Roda
6-9pm: Potluck and Forró Fo Sho, ($5) 2218 Prairie Road, Madison (

Sunday, 11/10, Location: Kanopy Dance, 341 State Street
11am-12pm: Music Workshop-Samba de Roda (Palhaço)
12-1:15pm: Benguela Workshop (Palhaço)
1:15-2pm: Closing Roda